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Explore markschultz's board "selfies" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Selfie, Selfies and Asian girl. Selfies may be a global phenomenon, but beauty standards vary by country. neighboring East Asian countries like Japan and South Korea, all of which Many women in China strive to be baifumei: pale, rich and beautiful. Jenn - something - Bi - I Post Pics Of Girls I Find Pretty - My Ask is always open. Come say hi!.

Asian women selfies - are

That means less vamping and less makeup aimed at overt sexiness. Weibo Cute wins out over sexy: If you're cute, no one can disapprove. Chinese girls take photos at an angle to slim their faces, just like selfie queen Kim Kardashian West recommends. The most popular Chinese beauty app, Meitu Xiuxiu, allows you to whiten your skin, slim your face and make your eyes impossibly huge. This has led to a number of selfie trends, including one challenge to twist your arm behind your back to touch your belly button and another to stack coins on your collarbone to demonstrate thinness. asian women selfies

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