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colourful/bright (green-brown, grey-brown) – 44,5% among men and 37,6% among women, most common in the Lovech, Montana and Sofia. Top 4 Most Beautiful Slavic TV Presenters. Parts of everyday modern life, a selected few television faces have stood out from the crowd and visually enchanted. Slavic girls are the best. Pictures and video of the most beautiful Slavic women. Find the hottest and the sexiest Slavic ladies on

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Her father is Montenegrin, her mother is Russian. However, in April , Kuletskaya announced she was about to marry a director Stanislav Romanovsky, and the wedding was set to be in Paris. Hosting various shows on Italian channel Rai 2, as well as modeling for numerous fashion brands proved not to be too difficult, as Nina managed to graduate with a Master of Science degree in International Economics. She is an American model, actress, musician, and fashion designer. As it featured contestants from all former Yugoslav republics, the viewership was also diverse and her popularity soared all over Balkans. A visual media format, television work requires not only charm and communication skills, but beauty and charisma. American men can attract very beautiful Slavic women who want to live, work, and study in the USA. After many years spent together, Bilan and Elena separated, supposedly due to her affair with a Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke, with whom she posed for GQ magazine most beautiful slavic girls was seen later on. After graduating from Moscow Faculty of Law, most beautiful slavic girls, Kuletskaya moved to Paris after being scouted by a modeling agent. Filled with provocative and even slightly vulgar humor, these shows caught the attention of public and made its hosts into popular public figures. This changed once she co-hosted a multinational singing competition Operacija Trijumf. most beautiful slavic girls

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