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Single Asian Female is a gem: an essential new play about the contemporary Australian experience through the eyes of restaurant-owner Pearl. Michelle Law's play, 'Single Asian Female' is a love letter to the people both everything and nothing like her. The Golden Phoenix, a restaurant on the Sunshine Coast. The last customers have left for the night, and Pearl can unwind. She's the quintessential matriarch.

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The comic doesn't actually care that much about helping Asian Americans, it just cares about being morally superior. Two, the initial stories including 5-O, NorCal Rapist, and Breast Cancer made most sense to tell through a female perspective. Writing review This is the comic's biggest failing. Ethan claims that he wanted the comic to be educational, especially for people Asian people who never got to take an Asian American studies course. Wouldn't addressing Asian Americans' own prejudices, particularly to mixed race people, help as well? I originally assumed it was written by Ethan Lee since it was first written in and only cites long-dead college newspaper articles, but after checking the article history, that doesn't seem to be the case. Makes you wonder why Ethan bothered to specify any of those details if they're never even mentioned. single asian female

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